Bruce Koehlitz | Freelance Graphic Designer | Brisbane

About Bruce Koehlitz

Brisbane based freelance creative / graphic designer. Print and digital. Brand and advertising. Here to help studios, agencies, start-ups and businesses.


People say that you shouldn’t wear double denim. I say, turn it up a notch and wear triple corduroy.


True – I have been known to wear triple corduroy, but that was before I moved to Brisbane where the humidity tends to limit your fabric choices, but the point of the story is that it’s worth pushing your perceived boundaries. I apply the same approach to design – start outside the box and see where you end up.

I’m Bruce Koehlitz, a Brisbane based freelance graphic designer. I work with companies large and small – as well as design studios and agencies – to bring ideas to life and create meaningful brands, identities and campaigns across both print and digital media.

Team work, hard work, attention to detail, honesty and integrity are my key traits. I focus on using my experience to make the design process as smooth and as easy as possible for clients, leaving them time to do what they do best.


How can I help you?

If you’re looking for a creative type with fresh ideas who is easy work with, and if you’re…

  • a start-up business looking for the right look to get you, well, started

  • a small to medium sized business that needs a keep up with the Jones’

  • a large business or corporate looking for a hard working designer to get you over the line

  • a design studio in need of a hand when things get busy or you need just one more bright idea

  • an agency looking for a slick creative for your next pitch or campaign

…then we should talk. I’m here to help.


These are few of my favourite things…

Now that you’ve got that song from ‘The Sound of Music’ in your head, here’s a small collection of found objects that inspire me or just make me grin a little more than usual.


This is how you do it

Instagram wasn’t meant to be a vehicle for those so boastful and proud, more a venue to share and collect the things from everyday life. The team at Fruit Stickers do this perfectly, showcasing beautiful design on the tiny stickers you find on your apples or mangoes.


Quality you can trust

Apart from corduroy, I’ve always got my eye out for a classy printed tee. Before Mambo gear was readily available in BigW, it was the bees knees in street wear brands. Designed by Reg Mombassa, this ‘Quality You Can Trust’ t-shirt was one of my first and proudest possessions.


What’s new pussycat

With music being streamed and beamed all over the place do you ever feel like you’re missing something? The team at Colors Studios in Berlin remove the guess work by curating the latest and greatest artists from around the globe and present them in one easy to digest rainbow of performances. Brookyn’s 070 Shake is one my current faves and worth a listen.

If you can design one thing, you can design everything.
— Massimo Vignelli, Italian designer of chairs, the New York City subway map and the American Airways logo, proving he was right.